2017-18 Performance Indicators


Success rates for Further Education (FE) students at Inverness College UHI have improved year-on year for the last five years and are now the third highest of all the larger colleges in Scotland.

At the end of 2017-18 academic year, success rates were 5 points above the national level for full-time provision and 9 points above the national level for part-time provision. This is a great achievement and a tribute to the work and commitment of our students and all of our staff.  We will continue to drive improvement across all of our programmes and continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.

Inverness College UHI is one of 13 of the 26 colleges in Scotland to have improved their success rates for full-time FE students in 2017-18.  As a whole, full-time FE success rates across Scotland increased slightly and now stand at 66%.  Meanwhile, the success rates for full-time FE students at Inverness rose for the fifth year in a row and are now at 71%.

In terms of part-time FE provision, success rates across the Scotland rose to 78% overall.  Part-time FE success rates at Inverness also rose, to 87%.  The nature of part-time provision varies significantly within and across colleges, so national comparisons need to be undertaken with care, and should involve further analysis.

Inverness College UHI 2017-18 FE Performance Indicators

The College’s Evaluative Report and Enhancement Plan 2017, endorsed by the SFC and be Education Scotland, is published here.