2019-20 Performance Indicators


We are pleased to publish our key student performance indicators for academic year 2019-20.

This is the third year that the college has published strong performance outcomes, however, there was a slight downturn in 2019-20 in the percentage of full time students who successfully completed their studies. This was an impact of COVID-19, which resulted in the students deferring the completion of their course to 2020/21.

This information is an important indicator of the performance of our students and courses over the year and is used in conjunction with student feedback and lessons learnt to assist in assessing, reviewing and improving the quality of the educatinal services we provide.

The indicators highlight the performance of the student cohort throughout the whole year, broken down by the duration of course (in terms of hours studied).

The Scottish Funding Council publishes this data using the following format:

Performance indicators format

These figures represent the following measures:

Withdrawal - The percentage of students leaving before the end of their course.

Completed: Successful - The percentage of students that have completed their course, and achieved the qualification/award.

Completed: Partial Success - The percentage of students that have completed their course, but have not achieved all of the units required for their qualification/award.

Full details on PI collection and calculation arrangements .

Inverness College UHI 2019-20 FE Performance Indicators

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