We are one of the largest providers of apprenticeship training in Scotland.

BSW Timber ApprenticeApprenticeship “frameworks” are a set of industry specific qualifications, designed to provide the skills and knowledge required to undertake a job role.  There are over 100 apprenticeship “frameworks” available, tailored to fit different job roles.

The apprenticeship family can be split into three categories – foundation, modern and graduate – and Inverness College UHI and its partners across the University of the Highlands and Islands network provide all three.

For foundation apprenticeships, employers provide work experience for senior secondary school pupils who undertake a mix of sectors specific qualifications at college as well as their highers at school.

Modern apprentices and graduate level apprentices are employed to undertake a job role, with most attending college to gain practical and academic qualifications either on day or block release. Graduate level apprenticeships are relatively new, opening up apprenticeship opportunities to all types of employers and allowing employees to study up to honours degree level.

All our apprenticeships are supported by Skills Development Scotland.