The University of the Highlands and Islands is one of the largest providers of apprenticeship training in Scotland.

Apprenticeship “frameworks” are a set of industry specific qualifications, designed to provide the skills and knowledge required to undertake a job role.  They offer high quality work-based learning and are designed to tackle potential skills shortages and support new or existing employees to develop. There are over 100 apprenticeship “frameworks” available, tailored to fit different job roles.

The apprenticeship family can be split into three categories – foundation, modern and graduate – and Inverness College UHI and its partners across the University of the Highlands and Islands network provide all three.

Foundation apprenticeships give school pupils a taste of the world of work and help employers shape future talent. Employers provide work experience for senior secondary school pupils who undertake a mix of sectors specific qualifications at college alongside their usual study at school.

Modern apprentices and graduate level apprentices are employed to undertake a job role. They learn on the job and get experience, whilst working towards a qualification. They spend the majority of their time with their employer, with most attending college to gain practical and academic qualifications either one day per week or on block release.

Graduate level apprenticeships are relatively new, opening up apprenticeship opportunities to all types of employers and allowing employees to study up to honours degree level.

Skills Development Scotland administers funding for apprenticeship training, helping employers with training costs if the apprentice is aged 16-24. A contribution to training may also be available if the apprentice is 25+ depending on the type of industry,

Benefits for the apprentice?

Work, earn and learn on the job. Apprenticeships offer a real alternative to full-time study. Work on real projects with professional mentors and develop your skills through experience, while studying for a qualification through the University of the Highlands and Islands and accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

Benefits for the employer?

Apprenticeships make your business thrive and are key to creating confident, qualified employees with the skills you need. Address skills gaps or skills shortages so you're better prepared for the future, develop new and exciting employees within your talent pool and get a contribution towards training costs.

So, how do you actually get an apprenticeship?

Speak to our business solutions team and local employers. You can also sign up for apprenticeship vacancies at and

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