Courses confirmed as returning to campus


Updated 31st March 2021

In line with the Scottish Government's updated strategic framework, a small number of students will be authorised to return to campus for face to face teaching.

For most students, the situation will not change and learning will continue to take place remotely.

Priority to return to campus for face-to-face teaching has been made for students who require access to complete essential practical activities or assessments.

Return to our main Inverness College UHI campus and Scottish School of Forestry for these students will be managed in a controlled and cautious way.

  • Phase one of re-opening will see a very small number of students return for face-to-face teaching from Monday 8th March. This includes postgraduate research students.
  • Phase two will see more students return to our campuses from Monday 15th March (up to 5% of the daily student roll).
  • Phase three will see additional number of students return to campus after the Easter break. However, this will be reviewed in line with emerging guidance from the Sottish Government.

Courses and class groups included in these phases are detailed below. Importantly:

  • If your course is listed, there will be further guidance coming out to you.
  • Please do not return to campus until you have been contacted by your course leader.
  • Details will also be included in your Celcat Timetable from Thursday 5th March.

Business, Computing and Hospitality

CourseReturning from (w/c)
SVQ 1 Professional Cookery SCQF 4                       8th March 2021
SVQ 2 Professional Cookery SCQF 5 8th March 2021
SVQ 3 Professional Cookery SCQF 6                                                             8th March 2021
NPA Professional Cookery SCQF 4                                             26th April 2021

Construction and the Built Environment 

CourseReturning from (w/c)

All Modern Apprenticeships:

Painting & Decorating, Brickwork, Domestic Plumbing and Carpentry & Joinery     

Business Solutions Team will contact

employers with specific dates

NC Built Environment 19th April 2021
Introduction to Construction 26th April 2021
Foundation Apprenticeship: Civil Engineering (Year 1) 19th April 2021
Foundation Apprenticeship: Civil Engineering (Year 2) 3rd May 2021

Creative Arts  

CourseReturning from (w/c)
SVQ 2 Hairdressing                                                                                    19th April 2021
SVQ 3 Hairdressing  19th April 2021
SVQ 2 Barbering 19th April 2021
Beauty: NPA Cosmetology To be advised
Introduction to Hairdressing SCQF 4 19th April 2021
Introduction to Beauty SCQF 4 19th April 2021
NC Beauty Care & Makeup 19th April 2021
HNC Beauty Therapy 19th April 2021
HNC Fashion Makeup 19th April 2021
HNC Contemporary Art Practice To be advised
HND Contemporary Art Practice  To be advised



Care, Health and Wellbeing 

CourseReturning from (w/c)
Preparation for Uniformed & Emergency Services                           26th April 2021 (outdoors)
NC Outdoor Pursuits  19th April 2021 (outdoors)
Sport Studies (not all groups - check timetable) 19th April 2021 (outdoors)
HNC Soft Tissue Therapy Yr 1 19th April 2021
HND Sports Therapy Yr 1 19th April 2021
HND Sports Therapy Yr 2 19th April 2021
HNC Fitness, Health & Exercise  26th April 2021
HND Fitness, Health & Exercise Yr 1 26th April 2021



Engineering Technology  

CourseReturning from (w/c)
IMI Level 1 Vehicle Maintenance & Repair - full time, groups a & b 15th March 2021
IMI Level 2 Vehicle Maintenance & Repair - full time, groups a & b 15th March 2021
IMI Level 2 Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Modern Apprenticeship - first year  15th March 2021
Mechanical Modern Apprenticeships (check timetable for blocks) 15th March 2021
Electrical Modern Apprenticeships (check timetable for blocks)  15th March 2021
Mechanical Electrical Modern Apprenticeships (check timetable for blocks) 15th March 2021
Electrical Installation Modern Apprenticeships (check timetable for blocks) 15th March 2021
Fabrication & Welding Modern Apprenticeships 15th March 2021
SVQ 2 Fabrication & Welding 19th April 2021
Electrical Installations ATS Apprenticeships 19th April 2021
Foundation Apprenticeship Engineering   19th March 2021  

Scottish School of Forestry  

CourseReturning from (w/c)
NC Rural Skills        8th March 2021
Certificate in Forestry  8th March 2021
Advanced Certificate in Forestry  8th March 2021
Trees and Timber Modern Apprenticeship (check timetable for block)    8th March 2021
HNC Forestry 26th April 2021
HND Forestry  (Year 1) 26th April 2021
HND Arboriculture & Urban Forestry 19th April 2021

Education and Applied Science  

CourseReturning from (w/c)
Skillbuilder for Schools         26th April 2021
Skillbuilder 1 26th April 2021
Skillbuilder 2 26th April 2021
Skillbuilder 3                                                                              26th April 2021
Community Link 26th April 2021
Pathways to Study & Employment 4 26th April 2021
Applied Science SCQF 5 26th April 2021
Science Highers Programme To be advised
HNC Applied Science 26th April 2021
Lab Skills for Science (School Pupils)  26th April 2021