Politics Higher

What is special about this course?

Higher Politics forms part of NC Social Science level 6 course and can be studied on its own or alongside Higher Psychology and Higher Sociology.

On the Higher Politics you will study important political concepts, theories, ideologies and systems through Scottish, British and international contexts. You will compare different political systems, evaluate the factors that impact on the electoral performance of political parties, and develop knowledge and understanding of how different political ideologies, systems and parties resolve the timeless pursuit of power, authority and legitimacy.

Students wishing to study Higher Politics as part of a full-time programme should consult the NC Social Sciences (level 6).

Entry requirements

  • National 5 or equivalent at A or B in Modern Studies or a related Social Sciences subject.
  • NC Social Science at SCQF level 5
  • NQ Humanities at SCQF level 5

You will study:

  • H4L2 76 Politics: Political Theory
  • H4L3 76 Politics: Political Systems
  • H4L4 76 Politics: Political Parties and Elections

How will I study my course?

  • Full Time
  • Part Time


How long will my course last?

1 Years

Where can I study my course?

    • Inverness Campus

Start date



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What can I do on completion of my course?

  • Undergraduate degrees in Politics, Social Sciences, History, or other Humanities subjects
  • At Inverness College UHI, BA (Hons) Social Sciences, BA (Hons) Sociology and Politics, BA (Hons) History and Politics, BA (Hons) Scottish History and Politics, BA (Hons) History, BA (Hons) Scottish History, BA (Hons) History and Literature, BA (Hons) Scottish History and Literature, BA (Hons) History and Archaeology, BA (Hons) Scottish History and Archaeology, BA (Hons) History and Theology, BA (Hons) Scottish History and Theology, BA (Hons) Scottish Cultural Studies
  • Entry into employment and training or further and higher education courses. The skills attained provide a good foundation for the study of not only history but any arts, humanities or social science course. There are possible employment routes to journalism, teaching, the civil service, local government, police, libraries, museums.

Is there more information available online?

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What our students, graduates and staff say

This is a great course for anyone interested in Politics. You'll be taught by passionate lecturers, and the Social Science and Humanities teams at Inverness College UHI have close links with subject specialists at the University of the Highlands and Islands and elsewhere, and you'll benefit from access to extensive academic library materials and a range of talks, as well as the opportunity to attend the annual student-staff conference.

Apply for Higher Politics on its own Social Science Highers

Apply for Higher Politics alongside Higher Pyschology and Higher Sociology  Social Science Highers

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