Aquaculture (Modern Apprenticeship SVQ2)

What is special about this course?

This course is aimed at those who work in the fish farming industry, carrying out the daily husbandry duties on either a freshwater or marine site.  The SVQ Level 2 Aquaculture is a recognised qualification which has been designed by the industry.  It can be useful for progression within the student's place of work and is particularly useful for those without any formal qualifications in aquaculture.  It offers the candidate the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have learnt, and also fill any gaps in their knowledge and understanding of the fish farm industry. 

Entry requirements

Candidates need to be employed in a fish farm with at least three months experience. 

To obtain the full qualification you must achieve 10 units: 7 mandatory and 3 optional.

Mandatory Units

  • Prepare holding units to receive fish
  • Prepare and gather live fish
  • Carry out routine maintenance and repairs on aquaculture facilities
  • Monitor the aquatic production environment
  • Maintain environmental conditions within holding
  • Work safely in an aquatic environment
  • Prepare to and feed fish
    Option Units
  • Stock fish into holding units
  • Grade live fish
  • Prepare to and harvest fish
  • Collect information on fish growth and development
  • Prepare to and treat health problems in fin fish
  • Spawn fish and fertilise fish eggs
  • Establish and maintain green egg incubation
  • Prepare and maintain fish eggs in a hatchery
  • Care for juvenile fish
  • Prepare for the transport of live fish
  • Transport live fish
  • Prepare and operate small craft

How will I study my course?

  • Work based
  • Face-to-face
  • Work based

How long will my course last?

2 Years

Rolling entry

Where can I study my course?

    • Inverness Campus
    • Work Based

Start date

Rolling entry


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What can I do on completion of my course?

  • SVQ 3 Aquaculture
  • Farm assistant
  • Farm technician
  • Fish husbandry 

Is there more information available online?

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What our students, graduates and staff say

Training through the SVQ level 2 has turned my job into a career and I wish to progress within the company as far as my abilities will allow me. SVQ’s have given me the confidence and the capabilities to hopefully achieve these goals.

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