Childcare and Men in Practice SCQF Level 6

What is special about this course?

The Scottish Government recognises the need to diversify the early years workforce in order to ensure that children have access to positive male role models from an early age.  

This course is an all men course, delivered in the evening to accommodate existing employment commitments.  

You will explore a child's development from birth, and will look at the benefits of play and how that links to learning. You will begin to understand and develop your own personal attributes that contribute towards an excellent practitioner. You will work together to look at the factors which can impact on a child's overall development, and learn about the professionals involved in supporting children and their families.  

You will learn from experienced practitioners who have who have up-to-date industry knowledge. 

Entry requirements

No formal entry requirements.

Applicants will have an interest in childcare.

Online applications are welcomed. All applicants will be contacted by telephone to introduce them to the staff/course and answer any queries that they may have.  

  • The development of children and young people – identifies the key milestones in each of the aspects of a child’s development from birth to 18 years, methods to assess development and professionals involved.     
  • Promoting wellbeing of children and young people – explores a range of influences and circumstances which may have an impact on the wellbeing of children and young people, the physical and emotional risks at different stages of a child’s development and the role of adults such as parents, play workers and teachers.  
  • Play for children and young people – explores the benefits of play, considers and reflects on the play environment.
  • Support the safeguarding of children -  support on handling safeguarding concerns that might be raised, the associated legislation and roles and responsibilities of adults

How will I study my course?

  • Part Time
  • Distance learning
  • Evening

A mix of face-to-face, online and project work. 

Placements can be explored

You will be helped to develop your skills in independent study. You will be provided with online resources to work through, within the support of your tutors.  

How long will my course last?

11 Weeks

Where can I study my course?

    • Inverness Campus

Start date

September and January

See the website for details of start dates or contact 


Fee information for part time Further Education courses

A Fee Waiver could be available to help with the payment of course fees depending on your personal circumstances, please check our Fee Waiver Policy to see if you are eligible.

Scottish students

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Part-time (per credit)



Rest of UK and International students 

Further Education (SCQF 1-6) level 


Part-time (per credit)


Fees are payable on enrolment each academic year.

Please contact if you have any further questions on fees.

What can I do on completion of my course?

All successful candidates will be offered an interview for HNC Childhood Practice which can be studied either full time face-to-face or part time by evening delivery.  

The demand for skilled workers means there’s never been a better time to find employment as a childcare worker


Is there more information available online?

QR Code - scan to visit course page

You can use the above QR code to connect directly to the course details.

There’s a huge amount of research that shows role models of both genders are critical in early years, and that men bring different skills and approaches to learning, which is important for child development.

Heather Keyes, Head of Care Practice 

“What I love about childcare is the balance between challenge and reward. You are a role model for the children you look after and have an important job in terms of influencing their development - from showing them how to respect others, to encouraging their confidence and helping them overcome barriers. It takes patience and understanding but it is one of the most rewarding and meaningful jobs you could choose. Gender isn’t a defining characteristic in the workplace and for every person that stereotypes you, there will be others who respect, encourage and support you for the admirable work you do.”

Fraser Polworth (19), from Inverness

I want to start in January 2023

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