Foundation Apprenticeship Subject Areas

A Foundation Apprenticeship gives you the combination of a qualification and valuable work place experience in some of Scotland’s most exciting industries, all with projected growth in jobs. 

Who is it for?

Foundation Apprenticeships are for pupils making decisions about which subjects they’ll study in S5 and S6. In general they are suited to pupils who:

Talk to your guidance teacher in the first instance or contact the Inverness College UHI schools team on 01463 273404 or

For Employers

For Employers

Foundation apprenticeships are usually two year courses for senior phase school pupils. A pupil will normally begin the course in S5 and complete study and work experience of that period which will culminate with a Foundation Apprenticeship group award. The award is recognised as comparable to at least one Higher in the eyes of other colleges and universities.

Employers play a vital role in the process by providing a placement, mentoring and supervision to the young person as well as working with our lecturing staff and assessors to shape the apprentices experience. Work experience will usually begin in the second year of the course and happen every Friday for a full school year. There may be some necessary study days included for pupils to catch up with assessors and complete work based SVQ units or similar.

Our Developing the Young Workforce team at Inverness College UHI will walk you through the process of visiting the pupils, matching with an apprentice and planning.

We aim to make the process simple and can assist with the formal administration required to set up a placement and will offer communication and support the whole way through.

What's in it for you? 

  • Taking on a Foundation apprentice allows you to gain a perspective on your business through a young person's eyes.
  • Foundation apprentices come to you ready to work as they will have studied a work based qualification for year and will have taken part in simulated work situations and sometime business challenges.
  • Many of our school aged apprentices have been an excellent fit for the employer or chosen industry and have gone on to become modern apprentices. This allows you as the emplyer to find and nurture new talent in a way that meets the needs of your business.
  • Many employers already have a relationship with our curriculum but this is also an opportunity to forge new links for businesses who haven't worked with us in the past.
  • If you are interested in offering a placement for a Foundation Apprentice then please contact the Developing the Young Workforce Project Manager on 01463 273404 or and we will be delighted to take those first steps with you.

Alternativley you can find more information at



As a senior phase pupil in Fortrose Academy, Caroline began her Foundation Apprenticeship in S5 which would take her on a two year journey which opened up pathways and choices to consider in Construction Management and Civil Engineering.

Caroline is now a Modern Apprentice with Morrison Construction and her line manager, Simon Hewell, explained "When we take young people on as an apprentice we expectt o provide them with training to induct them into the job and build on it from there. When Caroline came to us we quickly realised that she could already undertake many tasks and compelte them with minimal supervision. This has meant that we could immediately put Caroline to work on CAD (computer aided design), providing drawings and quantitive work to suppoert our estimators".

Morrisons also add that Foundation Apprenticeships are a valuable introduction to the new Graduate apprenticeships. The company has been involed in the development of these apprenticeships and sees them as a valuable tool in developiing future talent in the industry".