How to apply for School / College courses

Potential candidates should meet with their guidance teacher to discuss the possibility of undertaking a college programme as part of their senior phase timetable. The demands of the course should be considered and any impact on school subjects carefully thought through.

If more details are required about possible options then Evelyn Campbell will be happy to discuss this with teachers, candidates and parents.

For 2017 onwards we have moved the application process for Schools/College courses online.

  • We have created a page for each course for courses up to Level 6 which will take you directly to your online application.
  • Level 7 courses will still be via manual application and details of what to do can be found in that section.

We have provided two options for navigation to the application sections. You can:

a) navigate through the links in the pages.

b) navigate from the grey side bar to the left.

Example for applications for Level 1 to 6.

If you have questions about navigating or using the Schools webpages for application or you want to report problems with links etc., please contact Kirsty Bateson on 01463 273402.