Qualifications explained


Inverness College UHI is partnered with local secondary schools and Highland Council to provide S4-S6 pupils greater choice in a variety of subject areas, enabling you to develop a greater range of vocational, practical and academic skills while at school.

All our courses are SQA certified. With Inverness College UHI, students have the opportunity to progress right up the qualifications ladder. Start with one of our popular school-link courses and see where we can take you!

  • Open to all - Level 4 is equivalent to National 4 or Standard Grade General level.
  • Open to all - Level 5 is equivalent to National 5 or Standard Grade Credit level/Intermediate 2.
  • Open to all - Level 6 is equivalent to a Higher.
  • Open to S6 only - Level 7 is equivalent to Advanced Higher, Higher National Certificate, or first year of university.

See The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework below:

SCQF Level curriculum map