The S6 Experience


Courses listed below are suited to pupils moving into S6 and allow you greater choice and flexibility over the subjects you want to study.

Whether you are thinking about your next steps, going to university, or entering the world of work; the S6 Experience is a great opportunity to find out more about a subject area that might interest you.

The wide range of courses selected for the S6 Experience from across our UHI partners are delivered in a way that they can be studied at anytime from anywhere, and are a great way to experience university level study, stand out in the UCAS crowd or help build your CV ready for moving on.’

Pupils should also look at their own school for additional courses available to them specifically.

Please note: Some of the courses listed are delivered by our partners at North Highland College (NHC) and West Highland College (WHC) so you will be taken to their site when clicking the link.

Modes of study content

Modes of study

Modes of study

Fully online - access all of learning via Brightspace or Google classrooms using a mixture of self directed study, webex video lectures and online discussion boards.

Fully face to face - attend one of our campuses or your school for all learning and assessment

Mostly face to face - attend one of our campuses or your school for most learning and assessment but access Brightspace  or Google classrooms to carry out some pieces of work once a week or when required - tutors will advise

Virtual - access your learning via Brightspace  or Google classrooms at scheduled days/times.  This is aligned to the Highland Council Virtual Schools timetable