Inverness College UHI receives one of highest student satisfaction ratings

Inverness College UHI has received one of its highest ever ratings from satisfied students.

Students are consulted every October through the Early Student Experience Survey to determine their level of satisfaction with services, support, learning and teaching.

More than 3600 students were surveyed this year, with 95.5 per cent stating they were either very satisfied or satisfied. This is up 4 per cent on last year, due in part to better communication regarding the purpose of the survey and clearer information, advice and guidance for students in the initial weeks of their new term.

Satisfaction with courses and teaching was also high, with all curriculum areas above 90 per cent.

Inverness College UHI saw a significant rise in the numbers of students responding, with 51.3 per cent completing the survey this year compared to just 23.9 per cent last year. This can be attributed to greater engagement with staff and students.

Good, happy, helpful and friendly were among the strongest themes emerging from the comments received.

This follows a positive response to the Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey in May, with 94 per cent of students expressing overall satisfaction with Inverness College UHI.

Earlier this year, the University of the Highlands and Islands received its highest ever rating from satisfied students, with the National Student Survey for 2018 placing the university fifth in overall satisfaction in Scotland, with an increase of 6 per cent in overall satisfaction.

Surveys are managed t by the Quality Team at Inverness College UHI. The Early Student Experience Survey ran for four weeks. For further information, or to provide comment on your experience, email