About us


There is a growing research capacity at Inverness College UHI, forming part of wider research developments across the University of the Highlands and Islands. We are committed to supporting staff and students in expanding a research capacity, including growing our number of research postgraduates, together with other UHI partners.

We have a bespoke research and enterprise hub which provides a focus for collaborative research, innovation and business enterprise.

We have research strengths in the area of rural resources management, particularly freshwater fisheries, sustainable forestry, bioenergy and rural policy. Individual staff interests also include biodiversity conservation, digital health, technical medical innovation, animal disease modelling and sport education.

As a partner in the University of the Highlands and Islands, we supervise research postgraduates at Masters and Doctoral level in a number of key research areas, including freshwater management, forestry and rural policy. In delivering research degrees, we work closely with the UHI Graduate School, allowing students to interact with the wider UK and international academic community.