Our Staff


Inverness College UHI affiliates:

  • Dr Alessandra Campoli AC (Art and Design)
  • Judith Munro PGDE JM (PGDE/ Education)
  • Dr Lesley Mickle LM (Drama, performance)
  • Dr Nikki Perri NP (Psychology, health and wellbeing)
  • Dr Andrew Duncan (Data analyst)

International Partners:

  • Dr Andy West AW (YOUR World Research)
  • Dr Anannia Admassu AA, Getachew, Ahmed, Dr Getu (CHADET, Addis Ababa University)
  • Shubhendra Man Shrestha SMS, Dr. Tuladhur (ActionAid Nepal, CERID Tribhuvan Uni, Nepal);
  • Sarah Mbira SM, Okari Boneface OB (Pendekezo Letu, Nairobi)
  • Dr Tessa Lewin TL (Co-lead for REJUVENATE at IDS)