Dr Monika Maleszka-Ritchie


Monika Maleszka-Ritchie

Research Development Facilitator


Inverness College UHI
1 Inverness Campus

My background is in archaeology and heritage interpretation. I have an MA (Hons) in Archaeology from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and a PhD in Archaeology from the University of York, where I studied Viking Age trade and exchange around the Baltic and North Sea regions. My thesis blended archaeological research undertaken throughout the Baltic Sea region with historical and iconographical research of early medieval northwest European and Islamic texts. I have experience of commercial archaeology in both Poland and the UK, and for several years worked as an archaeologist with the Newport Medieval Ship Project, recording the waterlogged timbers. More recently, I have specialised in archaeological learning and heritage outreach, most recently with Scottish Canals. As a Research Development Facilitator in the Inverness College UHI Research Hub, I work closely with the Director of Research and Innovation, research staff, business development staff and external key contacts, in the development of research, knowledge exchange and innovation projects to enhance research outputs and impact.

Research Interests

  • The early medieval economy of central, eastern and northern Europe.
  • The interaction between Slavs, Vikings and Arabs on the early medieval trade routes of eastern Europe.
  • The theory, method and practice of archaeological learning and heritage outreach and presentation.

Current and recent research projects

  • St Mary’s Church, Eskadale renovation and public engagement
  • Merkinch Welfare Hall renovation and public engagement


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