Daniel Guy

PhD student
Rivers and Lochs Institute


+44 (0)1463 273568

Inverness College UHI
Research Hub
1 Inverness Campus


My background is freshwater ecology and population genetics, with a particular focus on salmonid fish. Having always been fascinated by aquatic ecosystems, fish, and anadromous fish in particular, I opted to study Marine and freshwater biology at Aberystwyth University as a mature student. While studying for my BSc I undertook research into the potential effects of climate change on Atlantic salmon populations at the limits of their range via archived scale samples. I subsequently developed my interests in population genetics and after graduating I became involved in a project working on the sympatric trout populations, specifically the factors maintaining population differentiation. In August 2018, I joined the rivers and lochs institute to study the extent, scale and potential consequences of genetic interactions between escaped farmed salmon and wild salmon populations on Scotland’s west coast using specially designed genetic markers.

Research interests
•    Freshwater ecology and conservation
•    Salmonid conservation and applied genetics
•    Sympatric salmonid population genetics
•    Barrier removal and freshwater ecosystem connectivity

Current projects
Salmon farming in Scotland: Quantifying the actual levels of interbreeding and gene introgression of farm escapes with wild populations.

Past projects
The differentiation at microsatellite markers of the sympatric trout populations of lough Melvin, and potential maintenance by postzygotic selection.