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I am a researcher in the field of population genetics and fisheries genomics. I initially focused on the Mytilus genus (saltwater mussels) and on anadromous fish belonging to the salmonid family, working at the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IOPAS). I moved to Scotland in 2017 and joined the Rivers and Lochs Institute at Inverness College UHI, where I am continuing my adventure with salmonids. I am currently working on assessing genetic divergence within Arctic char (S. alpinus) and Atlantic salmon (S. salar) populations. I am also involved in a project focusing on Porbeagle shark (L. nasus) conservation and fisheries management, in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen.

Research Interests

  • Identification of population genetic structure
  • Genetic estimates of population size/number of breeders
  • The application of genetics to conservation and fisheries management


Current projects

  • Assessment of salmon stocks in Scotland: integrating genetics
  • Upper Garry salmon restoration project
  • Arctic charr population diversity in Loch Rannoch
  • Genetic sex identification of Salmo salar and Salmo trutta
  • Genetic structure and connectivity in the endangered yet potentially

commercially valuable North Atlantic porbeagle shark: informing conservation and towards sustainable fisheries management.

Postgraduate Student Supervision

  • Sunny Bradbury  - PhD (Supervisor)



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Drywa A., Poćwierz-Kotus A., Dobosz S., Kent M.P., Lien S., Wenne R. 2014. Identification of multiple diagnostic SNP loci for differentiation of three salmonid species using SNP-arrays. Marine Genomics. 15, 5–6.

Poćwierz-Kotus A., Bernaś R., Dębowski P., Kent M.P., Lien S., Kesler M., Titov S., Leliuna E., Jespersen H., Drywa A., Wenne R. 2014. Genetic differentiation of southeast Baltic populations of sea trout inferred from single nucleotide polymorphisms. Animal Genetics. 45, 96–104.

Wenne R. Bernaś R., Poćwierz-Kotus A., Drywa A., Was A., 2016, Recent genetic changes in enhanced populations of sea trout (Salmo trutta m. trutta) in the southern Baltic rivers revealed with SNP analysis. Aquatic Living Resources. 29, 103.

Book chapter:

Wenne R., Drywa A., Kent M.P., Sundsaasen K.K., Lien S. Marine Genomics: Methods and Protocols, Springer, Chapter 6 pp. 97-111. SNP-arrays for species identification in Salmonids. 2016. ISBN 978-1-4939-3772-1.

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