Sunny Bradbury

PhD studentSunny Bradbury
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My background is in marine biology, specifically the ecology of temperate reef ecosystems and fish biology. I graduated with a Bsc (Hons) in Marine and Freshwater Biology at Aberystwyth University in 2014 and have since completed a Masters by Research looking to identify patterns of genetic structuring in the kelp Alaria esculenta. This project allowed the focus of my research to move from ecology to evolutionary biology and specifically population genetics. In autumn 2017 I moved to Scotland to pursue a PhD focused on the deployment of a high resolution suite of microsatellite markers to investigate fine-scale genetic structuring of local populations of salmon and look at whether these populations show any disparity in timing of sea-ward migration.

Research Interests

  • the integration of genetics and telemetry to inform fisheries management
  • population genetic structure
  • fish migration
  • climate change ecology

Current projects

Integrating genetics and tracking to inform conservation management of Atlantic salmon.

Past projects

Microsatellites reveal multiple hotspots of Genetic Diversity in Alaria esculenta, an important habitat forming Kelp under threat from Climate Change.

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