Glorious Spangs: Renaissance Court Culture

This project initially draws on the research interests and outputs of Dr Lesley Mickel, Lecturer in Literature at the University of the Highlands and Islands, Inverness College. Core to this project is the production of a monograph on the representation of Scots in Renaissance court entertainments at home and abroad, focussing on the ways in which tropes relating to Highland identity are appropriated by the Scottish and English Crowns to articulate new national identities.

Research for this monograph has and will be informed by attendance at conferences, and feeds in to level 9 UHI Literature modules focussing on Renaissance literature and culture. As the project develops, it will host input from students and academic colleagues from other HEIs, and facilitate networking and collaborative research, with the aim of securing significant funding for further related research outputs


  • Monograph on Scots in Renaissance court entertainments
  • One day conference on reconstructing court entertainment
  • Field trip to Stirling Castle, to explore the significance of location and space in the design and interpretation of court entertainments.
  • Reconstruction of the masque element of the christening festival staged by Mary Stuart in 1566 at Stirling Castle