Celia Delugin


PhD studentCelia Delugin


My background is in land and ecosystem management. I completed two years of a French preparatory program in Sciences (CPGE BCPST, Grenoble) and attended a National Engineering School in the field of Agronomy and Environment (ENSAIA, Nancy), during which I specialized in land management. In parallel to my Engineering studies, I studied a Master of Science in the fields of Forestry, Agronomy and Ecosystem Management (University of Lorraine, Nancy). During my end-of-studies internship, I decided to focus more on freshwater ecosystems and I worked for 6 months on mountain lakes and their watersheds in the French Alps. I decided to move to Scotland and join the RLI as a PhD student, to work on freshwater biodiversity conservation and ecotourism opportunities.

Research Interests

  • Ecotourism based on aquatic ecosystems
  • Freshwater biodiversity and its conservation
  • Ecosystem management and public engagement

Current projects

Ecotourism development and loch biodiversity conservation in Highland Scotland: identifying pathways to future shared success.

Past projects

The use of remote sensing to assess the primary production of mountain lakes and watersheds in the Northern French Alps.