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My background is in molecular genetics, bioinformatics and host-parasite interactions, having worked at the University of Glasgow on several projects relating to Human African Trypanosomiasis. I have recently joined the Rivers and Lochs Institute and coordinate the AMBER working group, with a focus on biodiversity and habitat assessment of the River Ness case study, through eDNA methodology and conventional survey methods. I am also investigating archive materials, to chart the impact of dams and other land use changes over time, and reconstruct baseline biodiversity for the Ness river system.

Research Interests

  • eDNA applied to understanding freshwater ecology
  • impact of dams on rivers and biodiversity
  • population genetics and phylogeny
  • mitochondrial evolution and plasticity
  • public engagement and citizen science

Current projects

AMBER - Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers

NORDCHAR - using new genetic methodologies as well as conventional life history ecology methods to make model-based analyses on the effects of climate change


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