Lydia McGill


PhD student                         


I completed my BSc in Zoology at Salford University, where my dissertation project focused on population genetics of Cervus elaphus using microsatellite DNA. I then continued my studies at Salford University through an MRes under the supervision of Dr. Ilaria Coscia and Dr. Allan McDevitt. This project focused on the genomics of deep-sea fish, Molva molva and Molva dyptergyia, using Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) markers. I studied aspects such as population connectivity and local adaptation, which had inferences for management of these species and could therefore aid in the approach of fisheries on deep-sea populations. I have a love for all animals and an interest in the use of genomics. This interest has now drawn me to my PhD project which is investigating population genomics of species in Scottish Marine Protected Areas, again using SNP markers. This can then have inferences for nature conservation and management. I moved up to Scotland in October 2019 when I began this project.

Research interests

  • Molecular ecology

  • Population structure

  • Local adaptation and evolutionary biology

  • Nature conservation and fisheries management

Current projects

Genomic analysis of population connectivity in the Scottish marine protected areas network to inform natureconservation

Past projects

Exploring population connectivity and adaptation in deep sea fishes; Molva molva and Molva dypterygia

Habitat selection and gene flow in a large herbivore, the elk (Cervus elaphus), in a human-dominated landscape

Social media domains

  • Twitter – @Lydia_McGill

  • LinkedIn – Lydia McGill