University Exam Information


The next UHI Exam Diet will be the Semester 1 exams in December 2019.

In October/November, students will receive a copy of the full timetable along with the Instructions for Candidates and dictionary request forms.

Additional information including exam room information is sent to students approx. 2 weeks before the exams take place.

If at any point you have a query regarding your exams, please do not hesitate to contact the exams officer via email to or by telephone to 01463 273412.

Additional Support Needs

It is important that you have any Additional Support requirements agreed with the ASN team before the exams start.
If you have not already done so, you must contact Karen Mitchell ASN Manager or a member of the support team, to ensure any adjustments can be met. You can email the team on

Alternative Exam/Assessment Arrangements

Students whose first language is not English including International/Erasmus students:
If you require to use a dictionary during your exam and you meet the criteria set by UHI, you can apply for the use of a dictionary using an AAR form. Forms should be signed by your PAT/Programme Leader and submitted to the Exams Officer no later than the date specified on the form. AAR forms will be available on Myday in November 2019 and will be included in the exam email sent in October/November.