Additional Support Needs


Contact us at any point whilst you are studying at College if you need support to make the most of your learning.

We are here to help if you have any disability, medical condition or specific learning difficulty that could affect your studies. If you have no ‘diagnosis’ but think you may be dyslexic, we can explore this with you.

We can help you to apply for the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) if you are being funded by SAAS. We will make any special arrangements you may need for your exams; loan you specialist equipment and train you to use it; and offer you 1:1 study support sessions to help you overcome any barriers to your learning.

Future students

If you’d like to tell us about your support needs before you choose a course, we can meet to talk through how we can help. If you will need a personal assistant or a BSL interpreter, the earlier you tell us the better.

When you apply

If you tick any of the boxes about disability or learning needs on the application form, we will contact you to offer an appointment. We’ll make your support plan together so that we can give the lecturers the information you want them to have. We can explain the ways you learn best and request any changes you’ll need to the materials, or to way you’ll do your assessments and exams

Contact us

You are welcome to contact us directly at 01463 273526, by textphone on 01463 273180 or by email or just ask for an appointment with Additional Support at the Student Support reception desk.

Meet the team

  • Tracy Anderson
  • Lynsey Mason
  • Heather Morran
  • Naomi Philbrick
  • Claire Kilburn-Young
  • Iris Bangera