Further education childcare funding


This quick guide offers information for students who would like to apply for assistance with registered childcare costs and fall into the following categories:-

  • Must have a dependent child
  • Must have completed a Further Education application
  • Must use Care Inspectorate registered formal childcare providers
  • We will calculate your funded childcare costs on your timetabled classes or for placement days that are a mandatory part of your course.

Fully completed applications with all supporting documents must be received within 6 weeks of the start date of the course. Please be advised funds are limited and given on a first come first served basis.  

Awards are considered under the following criteria:Documents required may include:Further information before applying:
  • Lone parents

  • Partnered students in receipt of full bursary

  • Partnered students whose partner is also a student

  • Partnered students whose partner is employed

Full childcare costs


Full childcare costs 


Full childcare costs  



Household income is assessed to determine if a contribution towards childcare can be reasonably made. 


  • Proof of Student's Income
  • Proof of Partner's Income (if applicable)
  • Bank Statements for Student (and Partner) – 2 current months
  • Details of Household Income and Expenditure
  • Tax Credit Award Notice (2022/23) / Universal Credit Details (if applicable)
  • Childcare Contract
  • You should ensure you have claimed for all eligible support that is available to you, such as preschool funding, child tax credits, universal credit, free local council nursery places (as applicable)
  • Childcare costs are generally paid directly to the childcare provider
  • Inverness College UHI operates an online funding application via the Student Hub
  • You will be invited to apply via the Student Hub once offered an unconditional place on a course and funding opens. 
  • Documents requested can be emailed to funding.ic@uhi.ac.uk or handed into the Student Support Centre.
  • Keep an eye on the Student Hub for further information or evidence you need to provide.
  • You will be notified of all funding decisions via the Student Hub.