Higher education funding summary


Funding for HNC/D and Degree level courses is subject to certain qualifying criteria as defined by the Student Awards Agency of Scotland (SAAS).  This includes residency requirements, parental/spouse income and previous funding received.

To be eligible for Discretionary Hardship or Childcare Funding, you must apply and take out the maximum loan entitlement / bursary available to you.  All Discretionary Hardship / Childcare applications for funding are assessed on an individual needs basis.  For further information please contact the Funding Team by email  funding.ic@uhi.ac.uk

NOTE: Further information on the Part Time Fee Grant is available on the SAAS website at www.saas.gov.uk where you can also download an application form.

Type of courseFees paid

Student loan

full time

Lone parent grant/Lone parent childcare grant

Independent student bursaryPart time fee grantYoung student bursary

HE Discretionary Hardship Fund (DF)/Childcare Fund (CF)

Student part time         ✅  **  



Student under 25

Parentally supported * Full time

✅ *** ✅        ✅  DF

Student over 25 

(or under 25 and self supporting) Full time

✅ *** ✅    ✅      DF
Student lone parent - above compulsory school leaving age(16+) Full time ✅ *** ✅  ✅  ✅     



Married/co-habiting/civil partnership under 25 with children. Full time ✅ *** ✅    ✅     



Married/co-habiting/civil partnership over 25 with children. Full time ✅ ***   ✅     



Care experienced, looked after or accommodated full time ✅ *** Non-repayable Care Experienced Bursary only ✅       



*A parentally supported student is one who is under 25 and lives with parent(s)/parent and partner

**Dependent on the number of SCQF credits

***Applicable if no previous fee support received. If you have previously received tuition fee support from SAAS you may need to pay fees for further courses.