Guidance for Accessing Course Timetables

Please note that these timetables are provided for guidance purposes only, to give an indication of the days of attendance at Inverness College UHI.  Detailed timetables will be provided at induction.  All timetables are subject to change.

The link below will take you to a list of available course timetables and a screen similar to that shown below, will be displayed.

Please click here for FE course timetables and HE course timetables

It is easiest to search by the initial of the course name (as indicated by the blue arrow above), details of which are included in your induction letter.  You can then select the link to the appropriate timetable.

Once a course link is selected you will see a screen displaying a timetable similar to that shown below. 

The timetable will have the title of the course at the top.  All of the outlined boxes are an indication of when classes will take place.  The colour of the outline is only for administrative purposes.