Course timetables


Timetables - 2020/21 academic year

Due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, timetables are subject to change before the start/and during the academic year. Every attempt will be made to minimise alterations, however, in some circumstances, changes may be unavoidable.

Sample Course Timetables

Guide to viewing sample course timetables

Timetables include classes or sessions - either on-campus or remotely - that you must attend. Your timetable may include periods of self-directed learning that you are expected to carry out in your own time. Your programme team will provide you with further guidance on what is expected of you beyond what is timetabled.

Course delivery arrangements

COVID-19 related restrictions are still in place and we are planning our delivery next session in line with Scottish Government guidance. We are working hard to ensure we can fully open our campus buildings as soon as it is possible and safe to do so. Meantime, we have had to make some temporary adjustments to most of our course delivery plans for the start of the academic year. These arrangements are under constant review as the guidance changes, so please look out for further updates and information between now and the start of your course.

Students can find out how their course will be delivered in Semester 1 here:

Further education courses (SCQF level 1 to 6)

Higher education courses (SCQF level 7 to 12)