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We partner with more than 50 institutions in 21 countries across three continents.

Our international partnerships allow for the exchange of academic and administrative staff, exchange of students, research collaboration and much more.

Inverness College UHI supports staff in internationalising their courses, module delivery and research through international collaboration and mobility. 

See the full list of our current Erasmus+ and International Exchange partners.

Contact the International Team for more information on how to apply.

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Current opportunities content

Current opportunities

Current opportunities include:

Erasmus+ Partner Activity

Teach, take part in a training event or job shadow at any of our Erasmus Partners so long as your subject of interest is offered at that institution.

Erasmus+ Training Activity

Participate in a training at any relevant organisation in any of the participating Erasmus+ countries.

International Exchange Partnership Activities

Through a MOU signed by both UHI Inverness and our International Exchange partner institution, each institution has agreed to explore the following collaborative activities in academic areas of mutual interest on a basis of equality and reciprocity:

  • Exchange of Academic and Administrative Staff
  • Conducting Collaborative Research Projects
  • Conducting Lectures and Organising Symposia
  • Exchange of Academic Information and Materials
  • Promoting Collaboration in Fields of Mutual Interest