Applied Science

Our science qualifications will prepare you for employment in the fields of biotechnology, food and drink, microbiology, environmental protection and scientific research.

Meanwhile, for people interested in environmental science, the region offers the perfect base to develop your scientific skills.

 Student profile: From studying Science Highers to working in the Arctic

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Introduction to Science

SCQF Level 4

Modern Apprentices in Aquaculture SVQ 2

SCQF Level 5/6

Applied Science

SCQF Level 5

Applied Science

SCQF Level 6

HNC Applied Sciences

SCQF Level 7

BSc (Hons) Bioscience

SCQF Level 7-10

BSc (Hons) Geography (SCQF Level 7-10)

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BSc (Hons) Environmental Science

SCQF Level 7-10

BSc (Hons) Archaeology and Environmental Studies

SCQF Level 7-10

Nationals and Highers

Science Cluster