Dr Alessandra Campoli

  • Art and design lecturer
  • Researcher

I’ve always been interested in exploring the origins of our visual imagination and investigating how ideas, histories and contexts impact on creative practice. As such, my background in art history, art psychology and visual cultures is an essential part of my current art practice. As a art and design lecturer, I aim to share my expertise in practice-based research methods, interdisciplinary practices, and critical and contextual studies with my students to enable them to place their own work and creative practice in a wider context so they become informed practitioners.

Dr Campoli teaches across the art and design curriculum on the following subjects: 

  • Research Project;
  • Final Major Research;
  • Contextual Studies,
  • Philosophy or Art,
  • New Media,
  • Professional Practice.


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning Higher Education (Creative Arts), Glasgow School of Art. 
  • Practice based PhD: Visual Cultures, University of the West of Scotland.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Art Management Psychology, University of Rome “La Sapienza”. 
  • MA Art History (Equivalent to the UK BA Hons+MA), University of Rome “La Sapienza”. 


  • Creative Scotland: Professional Development Award.
  • The Artship Foundation, San Francisco (USA): artist in residence.
  • Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand: artist in residence.
  • Art Trust Scotland: award for practice-based PhD portfolio.
  • University of the West of Scotland: Internal practice-based PhD studentship.
  • Italian National Council of Research (CNR): grant for the publication of the monograph: Ritual Art of the Kingdom of Mithila: Traditional Paintings by Janakpur Women in Nepal
  • Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: travel grant for research in South Asia (Nepal, India).

Technical/research interests:

Research: Researcher for the Institute of Rural and Remote Studies (Inverness College UHI)

Research interests: Philosophy of Art, Art and Ecology, Intermediality/Transmediality, Art and Myths, Practice-based Methods.

Research Projects: 

  • 2018-ongoing: Uisge-Aqua

Uisge-Aqua is a creative project about watery dreamscapes-landscapes in the Scottish Highlands. The subtitle - If You Stare at Me in the Light I will Melt into a Puddle - refers to the legend of Asharys, translucent nocturnal water creatures that were believed to melt if exposed to sunlight.Combining research into local folktales and old legends about mythical creatures living in seas, lochs, burns and wells with alternative photographic techniques and site-specific installations, Uisge-Aqua aims at being a creative and visual exploration of the Scottish waterscapes and their mythical heritage.

  • 2012-2014Edges

A practice-based project investigating liminal spaces and the impact of traditional lore and legends on the perception of contemporary spaces. Partnership included: Creative Scotland, COFA (College of Fine Arts) Sydney, Silpakorn University Bangkok.

  • 2008-2012: Haunted Tropicality: Gothic Motifs and Melancholic Imagery toward an Aesthetics of Darkness

Practice-based PhD research project, funded by the University of the West of Scotland.

  • 2005-2008: Creative Practice and new Aesthetics in South Asia

The project aimed to examine the social impact of creative projects in South Asia. My research focused on the analysis of contemporary art practice in Nepal. The three-year project was funded by Ev-K2 Committee (Bergamo, Italy), the Italian National Council of Scientific Research (CNR) and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Outcome: the volume: Campoli, A. (2008) Ritual Art of the Kingdom of Mithila: Traditional Paintings by Janakpur Women in Nepal. Kathmandu: Vajra Publications.  

Employment history:

  • 2018-present: Art & Design Lecturer, Invernss College UHI, University of the Highlands and Islands 
  • 2011-present: Tutor in Art and Design and Module Leader for Critical and Cultural Studies, Interactive Design Institute (IDI) and Hertfordshire University, UK.
  • 2012-2013: Academic module developer (Critical and Contextual Studies) for the distance learning BA Programme in Graphic and Media Design. Resource Development Centre (Coventry) – Anglia Ruskin University.
  • 2010-2011: Visiting Lecturer in Fine Art. Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 2009-2010: Associate Lecturer in Critical And Cultural Studies (Digital Art). University of the West of Scotland, UK.
  • 2003-2005: Associate Lecturer in Art History and Theory. The University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy.


Solo exhibitions

  • 2019: Until the End of an Everlasting Day (and Beyond), Impact Hub, Inverness.
  • 2018: Uisge-Aqua (If you Look at me in the Eyes I will Melt into a Puddle), Upstairs Gallery, Inverness.
  • 2012: Until the End of an Everlasting Day. PhD exhibition. Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA). Glasgow, UK.
  • 2011: Edges. The Arches. Glasgow, UK.
  • 2011: Haunted. Fahreneith 451. Rome, Italy.
  • 2010: Melencholia Seveneleven. White Space Gallery. Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 2010: Tropical Lomo. The Arches. Glasgow, UK.
  • 2009: Raining Buddhas. Area Privata Gallery. Perugia, Italy.
  • 2008: Winter Monsoon. Fahreneith 451. Rome, Italy.
  • 2007: Shadows in the Forest. Trasimeno Lake, Italy.
  • 2006: Butonudo. Teatro Abarico. Rome, Italy.

Selected group exhibitions

  • 2015: This is the Way the World Ends. Unfix aCOPalypse. CCA. Glasgow.
  • 2015: Awakening an Ecology of the Imagination. Unfix, Festival of Ecology and Performance. CCA. Glasgow.
  • 2013: Oniric Visions. Sharmanka Theatre. Glasgow.
  • 2012: The Last Mile. The Bonnafont Gallery. San Francisco (USA).
  • 2011: Beuys e lo sciamano. Contemporary Art Museum, Palazzo della Penna. Perugia, Italy.
  • 2011: Dell’Albero. Castello Brancaccio. San Gregorio di Sassola (Rome), Italy.
  • 2010: Stenopeica. Reun Prakumsakee House. Nakhon Pathom, Thailand
  • 2010: A Shadow in the Wardrobe: Memories. Faculty of Painting and Sculpture, Silpakorn University, Sanam Chandra Campus. Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 2010: Seed Mutation. Sanam Chandra Art Gallery. Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.
  • 2008: Play for gods. “Grande Casa d’Arte”, S. Giuseppe Factory. Spello, Italy.
  • 2005: Disturbare le Valanghe. Teatro Furio Camillo. Rome, Italy.
  • 2005: Matrimoni. Abraxa Festival. Rome, Italy.
  • 2003: Fili. Spazio Pietralata. Rome, Italy.
  • 2003: Oros. Chiesa S. Pietro, Tuscania, Italy.



  • Campoli, A. (2011) Mae Nak: Donne Vampiro e Spiriti Irati dal Lontano Oriente (Mae Nak: Female Vampires and Hungry Sprits from the Far East, from myth to contemporary imagery) Roma: Exorma.
  • Campoli, A. (2008) Ritual Art of the Kingdom of Mithila: Traditional Paintings by Janakpur Women in Nepal. Kathmandu: Vajra Publications – EvK2 Publications.


  • Campoli, A. (2015) “A Ghostly Feminine Melancholy: Representing Decay And Experiencing Loss In Thai Horror Films”. Plaridel, 12 (2015).
  • Campoli A. (2013) “Edges: Written and Visual Reflections on Marginal Space and its Exploration”. Interartive (55).
  • Campoli, A. (2007) C”hintamani: il gioiello degli dei” (Chintamani: the Jewel of the Gods), in S. Macioce (edited by), Ori nell’arte. Roma: Logart Press.
  • Campoli, A. (2004) “Le Stregonerie di Salvator Rosa” (Salvator Rosa’s Witchcraft Scenes), in S. Macioce (edited by), L’incantesimo di Circe. Roma: Logart Press. 

Conference Papers

  • 2014: Toward the Margins: Dark Memories of a Futuristic Megalopolis. Between Places and Spaces: Landscapes of Liminality. Trinity College (Dublin)
  • 2012: Haunted Femininity: Gothic Imagery in Contemporary Thailand, between Myth, Visual Culture and Creative Practice (Immaginario gotico nella Tailandia contemporanea, tra mito, cinema e pratica artistica). Cinema e diversità culturale. University of Rome III (Italy)
  • 2011: The Dark Side of the Land of Smile: Gothic Myths and Haunted Geography in Thailand. “Gothic Limit/Gothic Ltd”: Tenth Biennial Conference of the International Gothic Association. University of Heidelberg (Germany).
  • 2011: The Global Gothic: an Intermedial and Transcultural Phenomenon. Symposium on Transmediality. Linnaeus University, Vaxjo (Sweden).
  • 2010: Tropical Melancholy: the Ephemeral in Thai Contemporary Visual Imagination. ACSA Asian Cultural Studies Association: The Visual Imagination: Across Boundaries. Assumption University, Bangkok (Thailand).
  • 2010: When Death Crosses the Borders: Female Ghosts in South East Asian Contemporary Imagery. Transgression and its Limits. University of Stirling, Stirling (UK).
  • 2009: The Ephemeral Body: Aesthetics of the Body in the New Media Arts of Continental Southeast Asia. ISEA International Symposium for Electronic Arts, Belfast (Ireland). 

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