Highers and Nationals


The following information highlights which programme you need to apply to if you want to study one or more Highers or Nationals.

Within the following programme areas are selections of Nationals and Highers subjects.

  • Science including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Human Biology, Business Management, Maths, English and ESOL.
  • Social Science including Psychology, Sociology, History, English, Politics and ESOL.
  • Care including Childcare and Development, Psychology, Care, Biology, Human Biology, Maths, English and ESOL.

You cannot choose subjects which cross programmes unless it is Maths, English or ESOL which appear across all programmes.

You must only apply for a programme above if you want to study more than one Higher/National. Please consider that all the subjects are timetabled so you may not be able to study two particular subjects if there is a clash. Your tutor will discuss options at the interview stage.

The full descriptions of the Nationals/Highers are down the left hand side of this page, with all the apply buttons linked automatically for ease once you have chosen your preferred route.

We recognise it’s a bit complicated but we have it covered. All students are invitied to attend an interview or induction and we can adjust your application during that process if required. If you get stuck call our Guidance Team on 01463 273208.

I want to study...

1 National/Higher

If you wish to study one Higher or National from within any of the programmes please view the course details and click 'Apply individually'.

Please note this is not classed as full-time study and you may be required to pay for this subject, depending on your circumstances.

2 or more Nationals/Highers

Do you want to study 2 or 3 Nationals/Highers within the ,  or   programmes.

Please either visit the ,  or  programme to apply online or visit one of the Highers within the programme to apply.

List which Highers/Nationals you would like to study from that group on the application form. You must only pick subjects from one group programme. You cannot cross-over (unless you are considering English, Maths, Psychology or ESOL which appears in multiple programmes).

Please note 2 Nationals/Highers is classed as part-time study. 3 or more Nationals/Highers is classed as full-time study.