Care Practice Group


The Care Practice Group has Care Higher and Childcare and Development Higher at its core. You can study either indivdually or with three other subjects in the table to make-up a full-time course. You can study the following subjects in the Care Practice Group, they are:

SubjectNational/HigherMode of study
Care H F2F
Childcare &
PLUS -    
Human Biology H OL
Maths N5/H OP
Psychology N5/H OL

You can add English Higher and/or ESOL to this group if necessary.

* Information to follow

Study mode key


Face to face


Classes occur in an online environment

To apply for one or more Highers/Nationals individually or part-time, search courses for one of the Highers/Nationals in the group.

Once you have decided search via courses on one of the Highers/Nationals and follow the apply link. You will be able to click full-time on the application form and which Highers/Nationals you would like to study.

We recognise it’s a bit complicated but we have it covered. All students are invitied to attend an interview or induction and we can adjust your application during that process if required. If you get stuck call our Guidance Team on 01463 273208.