Part-time Nationals and Highers


You can study any of our Nationals and Highers courses part-time. This would consist of one or two subjects. Three would be considered full-time and you would need to apply to the Science Group.

Studying one or two Nationals/Highers

You would need to think about your future career path and choose the part-time programme or group most aligned to your chosen subject area.

Search courses for one of the subjects you would like to choose from a particular group, click the button for which group or programme you would most like to study. You will be able to list the Highers/Nationals on the application form. Please do not complete multiple forms.

For example;

  1. If you wanted to consider National 5 English and National 5 Modern Studies then you would apply to NC Social Sciences then on the application form click part-time and input National 5 English and Modern Studies.
  2. You are considering choosing Higher Psychology and Higher Sociology. You need to apply to the NC Social Sciences Programme then on the application form click part-time and input Higher Psychology and Higher Sociology because both of these subjects sit within this group.
  3. You are considering Higher Biology, Environmental Science and Human Biology. This would be a full-time course within the Science Group. Search one of the subjects via courses and apply to the Science Group. You can click full-time on the application form and input your chosen Highers.

NOTE: You cannot choose Highers/Nationals across different groups unless you are choosing English, Maths, or ESOL.