Why choose us?


The single and joint-honours literature degrees at the University of the Highlands and Islands offer you the opportunity to study a wide range of literary texts, theories and movements across all periods. On our degrees you will study texts and authors from Scotland and the UK, as well as from other English- and non-English-speaking countries (in translation).

Literature modules are taught by members of the team based at Inverness College UHI, Perth College UHI and Lews Castle College UHI. We are all enthusiastic about our subjects, and many of our modules are based on the research we conduct.

The essential aim of all the literature-related degrees is to produce highly motivated graduate literary scholars with the skills, knowledge and abilities to progress to a wide range of employment and further study opportunities. You will explore literature in a global context, looking in depth at language and literary history within texts and on the international literary stage.

Studying literature at the University of the Highlands and Islands is not ‘English’, and nor is it ‘Scottish’. Our modules cover a wide range of authors, in English and translation, as well as theory from classic to contemporary. With a solid foundation in genres and periods in Years 1 and 2, and research-based modules in Years 3 and 4, our graduates are confident and enthusiastic writers, researchers and readers.

We teach a range of advanced specialist modules alongside more traditional content, and you are able to combine your studies with other disciplines. You will also study language, translation and the interrelation of Scots, Gaelic, English and other languages in Scotland. 

You will also benefit from close partnerships with local organisations such as High Life Highland, and you will learn from internationally-recognised experts in their fields, with interests reflected in our wide variety of modules.

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