Katherine Humfrey

'Sea Shells By The Sea Shore' content

'Sea Shells By The Sea Shore'

Artist statement:

"This explores the relationship between the use of chemicals and the effects that it has on our oceans. In this modern age, we are using more and more chemicals and burning more fossil fuels than ever, and this is causing many adverse effects on our oceans. I want to highlight this through my work and bring light to what we as a population are causing.

Our destruction is triggering our oceans to become more acidic and causing a butterfly effect. Shellfish are becoming damaged and often die due to their calcium shells being harmed, this then causes a knock on effect in the ecosystem as shellfish are near the very bottom of the food chain which many marine lives depend on. We depend so highly on these small organisms yet there is little coverage on their importance and the danger we are causing them. Through this I want my audience to enjoy the experience and take back a positive interaction of art and viewer but also bring awareness that they may go home and research the topic themselves."

Sea shells on the seashore, Katherine Humfrey

Sea shells on the seashore, Katherine Humfrey