Sandris Masins


Artist Statement:

"For this exhibition I am displaying 11 images of my final work and some sketches and practice towards it. Work produced is based on UN Sustainability goal. This is a common theme for me along with Anthropocene, pollution, carbon footprint etc.. During 2020/2021 academic year I overlooked various ways of upcycling, media and drawing, painting styles, and here are some examples of it. Most of my work was produced during Observational drawing class and Mixed media class where focus was on techniques that I planned to use for finished pieces. ‘’Not Poppolar idea’’ is a later result of it- drybrush with airbrush created for Mixed media, and ‘’ It’s a fishious cycle’’ is a digital pop art piece that I will later develop for prints. ‘’Tensegrity structure’’ is a glimpse in my final piece based on upcycling. This work is still curing and will undergo several modifications before it will be completely finished. I am not a distinct Abex artist, but I am heavily inspired by it along with pop and graffiti. I keep modern art very close and my work takes various shapes and forms with such a variating style, but they unite with my ideas and concepts I am always trying to show and prove. Still, as always, it’s there for your interpretation."

Can by Sandris MasinsCrosscatching Sphere by Sandris MasinsIt's a Fishious Cycle by Sandris MasinsNot poppolar idea by Sandris MasinsMorety by Sandris Masins