Ken Gowans


Ken Gowans has an extensive knowledge of designing and teaching on networked blended degrees. He has a holistic understanding of the creative industries, bringing together over 35 years of professional and academic experience gained in the UK and North America to provide an insightful and unique perspective at Inverness College/UHI. 

As well as holding senior positions within the Creative Industries Sector, Ken is a former Assistant Professor at NSCAD University, Nova Scotia where he taught undergraduate, Master of Fine Art and Master of Design Degrees to Canadian and International students. 

He is interested in culture change and phenomenology, this is reflected in his work which juxtaposes text and found images to form individual and collective social narratives that invite exploration of the semiotic resonances. 

Ken is currently interested in Design Thinking, Modern Typography, Building the Innovation, Knowledge Economy, Design towards a sustainable society 

In a public service role, Ken has represented the Highland Council’s Sports, Arts and Culture interests on COSLA, been Chair of Inverness City Arts (ICArts), and is a former board member of Eden Court Theatre, Highlife Highland and currently sits on Highland Council's Environment and Infrastructure, and Education Committees.