Applications of Mathematics National 5

What is special about this course?

National 5 Applications of Mathematics is a course designed to extend numerical mathematical skills across a variety of real-life applications. The course places less emphasis on mathematical theory than National 5 Mathematics, and instead focuses on problem solving, risk assessment, and making informed decisions based on mathematical reasoning and the results of computations.

National 5 Applications of Maths is an equivalent qualification for entry to many courses and professions. If you are not sure which course to study please contact the maths team who will be happy to advise you.”

Entry requirements

  • National 4 Mathematics or equivalent

We will accept alternative work based qualifications or experience.  Please provide the details on your application form.


The mathematical skills within this course are underpinned by numeracy, and designed to develop candidates’ mathematical reasoning skills in areas relevant to learning, life and work. The course aims to:

  • motivate and challenge candidates by enabling them to select and apply mathematical techniques in a variety of real-life situations
  • develop the ability to analyse real-life problems or situations with some complex features involving mathematics
  • develop confidence in the subject and a positive attitude towards the use of mathematics in real-life situations
  • develop the ability to select, apply, combine and adapt mathematical operational skills to new and unfamiliar situations in life and work to an appropriate degree of accuracy
  • develop the ability to use mathematical reasoning skills to generalise, build arguments, draw logical conclusions, assess risk, and make informed decisions
  • develop the ability to use a range of mathematical skills to analyse, interpret and present a range of information
  • develop the ability to communicate mathematical information in a variety of forms
  • develop the ability to think creatively and in abstract ways


All students will need to purchase a copy of National 5 Applications of Maths Student Book (Leckie).

How will I study my course?

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Online
  • Open Learning

National 5 Applications of Mathematics is Currently offered as an open-learning course only. There are no timetabled classes - instead students are required to study and submit regular assignments from home using the online Brightspace Virtual Learning Environment. This makes the course ideal for students looking to organise their learning around work or childcare commitments. Guidance and feedback will be provided throughout the course by your lecturer.

You will be required to attend Inverness Campus on around four occasions throughout the year, for compulsory assessments and the final SQA exam.

How long will my course last?

1 Year

Where can I study my course?

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    Rest of UK and International students 

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    Fees are payable on enrolment each academic year.

    Please contact if you have any further questions on fees.


    If you wish to study part time there is a cost of approximately £360 per subject. Some applicants may be eligible for a fee waiver.

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    Additional costs

    You will be required to purchase textbooks (approximately £15-£20) as part of this course. If you are a full time student and are eligible for a bursary these costs will be covered.

    What can I do on completion of my course?

    As with National 5 Mathematics, Applied Mathematics is often included in the entry requirements for further and higher education courses. The varied skills, knowledge and discipline that the course can provide will give students a good starting point for further training in a wide range of areas. The practical nature of the course makes it particularly applicable to vocational subjects.  

    It should be noted, however, that if you wish to progress to Higher, National 5 Mathematics rather than Applied Mathematics is required.

    You may wish to progress from National 5 Applications of Mathematics to the following courses:

    • HNC Applied Science (with other Science Qualifications)
    • BSc Environmental Science (with other Science Qualifications)
    • BSc BioScience (with other Science Qualifications)
    • BSc Geography (with other Science/Geography Qualifications)


    Is there more information available online?

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    You can use the above QR code to connect directly to the course details.

    Staff profile

    John Ballantyne

    I graduated from the University of Manchester with a PhD in Mathematics.

    After obtaining my PhD in 2011 I undertook research and lecturing for a number of degree programmes at the University of Manchester, before moving back to the Highlands (I’m originally from the Black Isle) in 2016 to take up my current post at UHI Inverness as a lecturer in mathematics.

    I’m the Technical Editor for the academic journal Computer Physics Communications.

    I am one of the authors of the CfE Advanced Higher Maths Student Book (2017, Leckie and Leckie).

    I currently deliver Higher Mathematics and National 5 Applications of Mathematics.

    Although I now mainly focus on teaching, when I have time I still like to undertake research. I specialise in the subject of Group Theory – this concerns algebraic structures known as “groups”, which describe symmetries of mathematical objects.  This research has resulted in a number of publications in academic journals.

    When I’m not at work you’ll probably find me on the golf course!

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