There is a growing research capacity at Inverness College UHI, forming part of wider research developments across the University of the Highlands and Islands. We are committed to supporting staff and students in developing a research capacity, including growing our number of research postgraduates, together with other UHI partners.

The development of research is now working towards the move to the new campus where a bespoke research and enterprise hub will provide the focus for collaborative research, innovation and business enterprise.

We are developing research strengths in the area of rural resources management, particularly freshwater fisheries, sustainable forestry, bioenergy and rural policy. Individual staff interests also include biodiversity conservation, digital health, technical medical innovation, animal disease modelling and sport education.

As a partner in the University of the Highlands and Islands, we can supervise research postgraduates at Masters and Doctoral level in a number of key research areas, including freshwater management, forestry and rural policy. In delivering research degrees, we work closely with the UHI Graduate School, which is developing a strong research culture across the university, where students can interact with the wider UK and international academic community.

A thriving research postgraduate community will be central to the activity in the research and enterprise hub in our new campus due to open at Beechwood in 2015. The hub will provide space for around forty staff, and include laboratory facilities for energy and science. Working with UHI partners and other universities, the hub will be the focus of high quality research and provide a seedbed for development of research on the Beechwood site in the future.

Details of the strategy approach to research in the College and UHI can be found in the following documents:

Inverness College UHI Research Strategy

For more information and an informal discussion, please contact Dr Melanie Smith 01463 273080 or email.

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Peat core samples
Peat core sample from River Carron

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