A researcher within our Rivers and Lochs Institute' laboratory

UHI Inverness is based at Inverness Campus, a growing hub for research, enterprise and innovation.

Research hub

UHI Inverness researchers are based at the Research Hub, a collaborative open office which is equipped with high-specification computers for bioinformatics, modelling, statistical analysis and geographic information systems, and provides meeting rooms with excellent facilities for both online and hybrid meetings.

Genetics laboratory

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for molecular genetic analyses in support of biodiversity research. In 2022/23 we will double existing capacity to carry out molecular biodiversity monitoring. This will include increased use of eDNA and metabarcoding to identify and measure the abundance of a species in an ecosystem and the ecological impact of environmental changes.

Field ecology resources

We have a wide range of equipment for freshwater and terrestrial fieldwork including boats, gillnets, electrofishing gear, camera traps, aerial and aquatic drones, and a mobile field laboratory.

Forestry learning resources

Through our close links with the Scottish School of Forestry we have access to forestry learning spaces and a 10 hectare forest.