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The purpose of this course is to provide an in-depth study of the distinct features of the sociological approach to understanding and explaining human social behaviour. It is intended to establish the major theoretical principles upon which sociology rests and to develop a knowledge and understanding of the way in which evidence is produced when sociological research is being carried out.

The aim of the Higher Sociology course is to develop a knowledge and understanding of sociological concepts, theories and methods and their distinctive approach to the analysis and explanation of substantive areas of society, such as social class, education, the family, crime and deviance, welfare and poverty and the mass media. It will promote the ability to analyse and evaluate sociological arguments, evidence and research methods in a critical way.


Level SCQF 6


Online Blended Learning:

  • Thursday evenings 6 - 9pm
  • Optional tutorial 5 - 6pm
  • This course is open to the public


Online learning platform - Webex and our virtual learning environment (VLE) called Brightspace.  

Duration 1 Year


Course content...

The course consists of three areas of study:

Human society

You will develop an understanding of the sociological approach to studying human societies.

Culture and identity

You will develop the ability to use sociological concepts, theories and research to investigate features of culture and identity in a changing social world.

Social issues

You will develop the ability to evaluate and apply sociological theories and to use research evidence to develop sociological understanding of contemporary social issues.

What next...

After this course, there are a number of other further and higher education courses you can study. Ask us for more information.


Entry requirements...

National 5 English.