National 5 Psychology



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This course will develop your knowledge and understanding of psychological explanations for individual and social behaviour. You will learn about the way that thoughts and the environment can affect how we feel and behave. Using appropriate psychological concepts, theories, research methods and evidence, you will investigate and explain human behaviour in a range of contexts.

Psychological knowledge of individual and social behaviour can support you in personal and professional relationships and enable you to understand some of the factors that influence behaviour.


Level SCQF 5

Delivery Online

Study at anytime  via your computer/chromebook. Access all of your learning or assessments via Brightspace, our virtual learning environment, or Google classrooms using a mixture of self directed study and online discussion boards.

Drop-in sessions are available with your tutor, Friday 9am -1pm (Not mandatory).


Location Remote

Duration 1 Year


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You will gain:

  • Knowledge and understanding of psychological concepts, theories, approaches and terminology;
  • The ability to use thinking skills when analysing, evaluating and applying knowledge and understanding the role of research evidence in explaining human behaviour;
  • Research skills to select, organise, interpret and evaluate information;
  • The ability to plan and carry out psychological research, using appropriate methods and according to ethical and scientific standard communication and numeracy skills used in psychology.

Entry requirements

One pass at National 4 in English (or equivalent)

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