Performing Engineering Operations (Fabrication and Welding)


Student machine working


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This is a broad based course designed to introduce you to engineering skills in fabrication, welding and engineering. Achievement of this SVQ1 will encourage you to value your contribution to the workplace while developing your employability skills. You will learn welding processes, fabrication, thermal cutting techniques, using technical information and efficiently working in a safe manner through effective industrial methods. Specific topics may vary and include other practical engineering skills within the SVQ1.


Level SCQF 4

Delivery Face-to-Face | Friday, 10am to 3.30pm

Location Inverness Campus

Duration 1 Year


Course content...

You will work on a series of small projects to develop your building engineering skills, including:

  • Designing of the projects using drawings and sketches;
  • Planning the projects including material, size, shape and technical skills or ability required;
  • Preparing by template making, checking for defects, cleaning the material and marking out;
  • Cutting by hand tools and mechanical or thermal methods;
  • Forming and shaping with a variety of tools and equipment;
  • Joining involving welding and mechanical techniques.

Entry requirements ...

No formal entry requirements. Learners should be capable of working independently at this level.