Meet our students

Neve Boon content student facing camera

Neve Boon

“I knew I wanted to gain a qualification, but that university wasn’t for me,” said Neve Boon (19) an apprentice with Lifescan (Scotland). She has spent her first year as an apprentice studying HNC Engineering Systems and Engineering – Multi-Skilled Modern Apprenticeship at UHI Inverness and will move on site in May 2024 to train to be a maintenance engineer. 

“It was scary going into such a male-dominated field at first, being the only girl in my HNC class as well as being one of two girls in my SVQ class, but I have adapted to this well and it hasn’t hindered my experience at all, and I really enjoy it,” said Neve.  

“Once qualified as an engineer, I would like to progress in my career and hopefully take on some managerial roles in the future.” 

Neve has enjoyed meeting new people and learning new skills through the apprenticeship and says it’s a great way to learn if university isn’t your thing.  

“I enjoy the way I am being taught and I like that they are always available to give feedback and help. Before college I had no experience using hand tools and wasn’t confident using them, now I feel confident to carry out a number of different jobs. I have gained good experience working with new people and trying new things. I hope to continue this on site,” said Neve. 

“My advice to people considering an apprenticeship would be to jump at any opportunities that are offered to you and not to be afraid to make mistakes.” 

Alexander Byham content student facing camera

Alexander Byham

“An apprenticeship is an investment in yourself in the long run,” says Alexander Byham. 

Alexander (26) from Inverness wanted to work in the renewables industry but lacked the necessary qualifications. An apprenticeship has given him the ideal route to realise his ambitions and he is now an apprentice Wind Turbine Technician.  

While working for Deutsche Windtechnik, he is studying Engineering – Multi-Skilled Modern Apprenticeship at UHI Inverness. 

“It is a great way to gain a qualification while still earning a wage and I like the structure of learning in a hands-on environment. The mode of teaching is great, very informal and if you are confused or unsure of anything then the lecturers are more than happy to help you,” said Alexander. 

“Within this apprenticeship I have gained many skills, from report writing on mechanical and electrical components to getting hands-on experience in the workshop working on our tool skills, as well as wiring electrical circuits from start to finish. I have learned many core skills that will stand me in good stead for future experiences and projects.”  


Stuart Greenwood content student facing camera

Stuart Greenwood

“As an older apprentice I was surprised to find other people my age on the course. It’s good to know that apprenticeships are for people of all ages and it’s never too late to learn new skills.” 

Stuart Greenwood (26) from Dingwall chose an apprenticeship because he wanted a qualification that offered a broad spectrum of work opportunities. He works in maintenance engineering for Lifescan (Scotland) and is currently studying HNC Engineering Systems at UHI Inverness as part of his apprenticeship.

“I was attracted to an apprenticeship because of the ability to learn and learn. I’m full-time in college at the moment and will going on site in a few months to work in maintenance engineering,” said Stuart. 

“The combination of theory and practical work makes leaning a lot easier to grasp. The mode of teaching is very good, and the lecturers are more than happy to go out of their way to help. I have learned a lot about electrical systems and practical wiring exercises from the course. I’m sure the practical and theoretical skills will be invaluable when I get on site.”

Charlotte Bailey content student at graduation 2023

Charlotte Bailey

Charlotte Bailey’s dedication to studying BEng (Hons) Energy Engineering gained her two separate memorial scholarships during her time at UHI Inverness.

Charlotte (26) said: “Before joining UHI Inverness I was a chef in a small restaurant on Skye and whilst I enjoyed it, I couldn’t see myself doing it for the rest of my life. During my early education I didn’t think I would ever go to university or gain a degree but through perseverance and the support provided I’ve graduated with a first-class honours degree.

“It has allowed me to enter the Engineering Graduate programme with SSE and I hope to complete this over the next two years and become a qualified Senior Authorised Person and a chartered engineer in the next four years. I really enjoyed the flexibility around studying. The community at UHI Inverness was amazing and while studying online took some getting used to, there was support readily available from other students, lecturers, Personal Academic Tutors and The Bothy.”

Nadia Johal content students at graduation 2023

Nadia Johal

It’s been a big week for Nadia Johal. She was revealed as the UHI Inverness Student of the Year and now she’s celebrating completing the HNC Engineering Systems she studied part-time as part of her apprenticeship.

Nadia (27), who came to Inverness from London at 11, has a long connection with the campus. She studied a Business and Management degree and her first full-time job was at the student accommodation, where she became the regional facilities manager and the regional accounts manager.

She is now a fourth-year electrical engineer apprentice at wood production mill West Fraser working as a shift electrician.

Nadia says studying has introduced her to lots of inspirational people and has opened doors.

“The engineering department as a whole has an amazingly skilled department, with lecturers bringing an array of experience, expertise and real-life experience. Studying throughout the height of the Covid-19 pandemic was extremely challenging for us all but lecturers were supportive and caring,” she said.