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Do you want to make a difference, inspire minds and ignite curiosity, passion and belief? 

Teaching is a rewarding and challenging career, offering lots of variety and opportunities to build meaningful relationships with students and bring knowledge to life through creativity. 

Teachers are in high demand, particularly in secondary schools, making our courses the perfect choice for people with life and employment experience looking to change careers. 

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Please contact our PGDE admissions team if you require any assistance with the application process or would like to ask any questions that aren’t contained in the FAQs.

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Why choose teaching? content

Why choose teaching?

Why choose us? content

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

With strong partnerships across rural and urban schools in the region, our trainee teachers spend two-thirds of their postgraduate year on placement, putting into practice what they learn on the course.

All our lecturers have previous experience as teachers and are involved in leading and innovating the latest developments in teacher education.


Meet our students: