Class 3: How we take decisions and what we have decided


The activities of major committees with devolved decision making powers.

The Board of Management has devolved some of its decision making powers to the Board of Management Committee structure. Terms of Reference for each of the Board of Management Committees are part of the Articles of Governance

The College also takes decisions through a number of management committees.

Agendas of meetings of Board of Management and other major committees can be accessed by contacting the College Secretary (Tel 01463 273511) or on the College website.

An annual calendar of meeting dates for Board of Management and its committees is prepared and the College Secretary is responsible for the administration of the committee process, including the preparation of agendas and minutes.

Public consultation and engagement strategies

We do not hold this information.

Reports of regulatory inspections, audits and investigations carried out by Inverness College UHI

We do not hold this information.

Environmental impact assessment reports undertaking

In compliance with the town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Scotland) Regulations 2017.

We do not hold this information.