Class 9: Open data


All public authorities in Scotland should be publishing their data in a format of 3 star or above. 3 star data is data which is made available online, with an open license, in an open and machine-readable format.

Information gathered within Inverness College UHI in relation to student enrolment, performance, achievement, attainment, progression, demographics, courses available, equality, budgets/finance, resources, including staffing and governance matters are all contained within reports which are regularly provided to the College Board of Management and the Board of Management Standing Committees. In the interests of openness and transparency, all disclosable papers to the Board of Management and its Standing Committees are also published on the Inverness College UHI website. To access agenda and papers, please click on the following links.  

Board of Management Agendas and Papers

Standing Committees Agendas and Papers