Ronin McKay

Civil Engineering Operations Graduate content student facing camera

Civil Engineering Operations Graduate

Ronin McKay graduated recently from the CECA Scotland Academy course in Civil Engineering Operations we ran at UHI Inverness, and now has ambitions to become a self-employed stonemason. 

His mother Lisa Philip said: “After attending my son’s graduation from the CECA Scottish academy course as a Civil Engineering Operative, I was blown away by how much time and effort had gone into the course. Everyone was so enthusiastic about the industry, and it is clearly rubbing off on all of the graduates! They were all brimming with confidence and excited about their futures, which as a parent is a really fabulous sight to see. My son Ronin spoke very highly of his lecturers and all of the students looked to have a good rapport with them. How many kids can finish a course they loved and very likely, walk away with a job? I for one am just delighted that my son was able to be a part of this and given such a brilliant opportunity.” 

Ronin, who is hopeful of finding a job, said: "My favourite part of the course was the laying kerbs and channels unit, as I enjoyed the mixing of lime mortar. I also enjoyed forming concrete structures and drainage. I plan to work my way up the levels, learning lots of different aspects of the trade and hopefully be a self-employed stonemason in the future."